this needs a Plan B

Day off day today so I've made it a point to make it a day of low productivity after the last few days in work. As such, not much for the old update tonight. My brain's on radio silence, breaking it only now to deliver what little it has to offer your screen tonight.

After yesterday's summary of Flashpoint, I'm now delving into the ALL-NEW, ALL-EXCITING and ALL-CAPITALISED world of The Flash and... I'm liking it. Flash is a relatively angst-free kind of guy from an era where super heroics wasn't all about the grim and the gritty. The first trade collects the first 8 issues or so and thus far at the halfway mark its getting that right at the very least. More thoughts on this when I'm at its end.

Elsewhere I've restarted playing through Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The launch title for the Vita that is partly an Uncharted game and partly a showcase of all the shiny new features afforded to it by the Vita's dual touchscreens. I've enjoyed the Uncharted games for their technical wizardry and the way they bring them together seamlessly with smooth run and gun game mechanics. Never over-wowed me with their plot and characterisation though. From what I've played so far, all the above applies but moreso.

Pretty much it for tonight. Maybe I'll go out and buy some energy drink for consumption before tomorrow's entry. One of those drinks that come in day glow green bottles that make the contents look dangerously radioactive and/or invigorating. 

Then watch out world, it'll be like a 500 page dissertation on Gotham City's misguided approach to mental health care, followed shortly by a treatise on the politics of the Mushroom Kingdom as depicted in Super Mario Bros 1 through 3... hmm maybe this needs a Plan B.