atari crash derby

Greetings to the interwebs! New year, new beginning and a new crash landing as we arrive at the sunny shores of 2015! Let me welcome you to my dusty little corner of the internet once more. So what's been happening at casa Dave in the long interim between the last post and this one. The big news is that its finally happened. After much in the way of procrastination, false starts, delayed beginnings and vast trepidation I have finally purchased a gaming PC and man does it feel good.


hello internet!

Well if you guys got a nickel for every time I've said 'I'm back now' shortly followed by 'No really, I am back now' then you guys would have some serious currency on your hands. Not going to fall into that trap today. The only promises being made here are that there are no promises when it comes to my schedule lately. Been steam-rollering through my to-play list though, the one I may have referred to before. The one I'm currently clearing through at the cost of most of my free time.


postmodern warfare

Recently played my way through the Splinter Cell HD Trilogy. A stroll through the early history of everyone's favourite stealth series that isn't Metal Gear Solid. It holds up surprisingly well as a lean, mean, taut stealth machine. More games should have Michael Ironside in them. Hell Splinter Cell should have more Michael Ironside in it now that he's tired of video game voice acting.


indie game: the lunch box

Just watched Indie Game: The Movie, part drama-documentary and part time capsule of a very particular moment in recent video game history. A glimpse into the tortured minds of those who brought us Braid, Fez and Super Meat Boy. I say tortured but insert your own anguished metaphor of choice right here it'll fit just nicely.



When we last left our hapless hero he was besieged by the problems of too many games to play with too little time to both play them and blog about them. A knife edge cliffhanger if ever there was one, surely one day it'll form part of an exciting box set.


live from my brain

Well then. Those few days in their habit became those few weeks which became what? A month and running. Been playing games though, restoring the balance of videogame writing by doing less of the writing and more of the playing. So much so there hasn't been a balance at all. Updates won't be daily for the near future but there will be more in the way of frequency.


recharging batteries

Interrupting this period of blog related inactivity to bring you the latest status update on the situation. Namely that there will be yet more exciting blog related inactivity! For a few more days at least anyway as I enjoy some much needed downtime. Until then consider the gentle words above and the delicate wisdom they impart to you the reader. Laters.