behold... electro christ!

Well that turned out to be a little while longer than a little while longer. That'll be me alive and well then. Hello, welcome and word up to my bitches once more. 

It's been more of case of where haven't I been as opposed to where I have. Head hasn't been in it, in the habit of stringing together words lately, or for a while indeed as indicated by the fine layer of dust around here.

My brains been its usual chaotic self, catching me unawares with random acts of thinking just when I begin to think it's comfortably empty. Alas no quiet headspace for moi so I better commit to start writing things the fuck down again.

So that's what's going to happen. I'm going to put these words down here and you're going to read them. Okay it may feel like someone is vomiting on your brain but lets not kid ourselves it was already dirty in there anyway.