backlog of terror

Wow I am so inconsistent. Say I'm going to write for this blog one moment then disappear for months on end the next. Go me and my infuriating inconsistency. So yeah life has been keeping me busy lately but it would have to be nightmarishly busy to leave no time for writing which is not the case.

No I've had the time if not the mental energy to keep my blog ticking over but that energy is the thing. When I started this blog I wanted it to reflect me at my most lucid and witty and creative and I haven't been any of these things lately. Blame it on the corporate drone daily routine, blame it on less free time to play the games that make me want to write about games or just blame it on me. In any case I need to start over, but start small. I like big ideas, sketching and drafting out my thoughts until they are in a form fit for the screen. Scroll back through this blog and most of those early efforts are the result of that self same process. Takes time, effort and a fuck-tonne of coffee but I'm nearly always happy with the end result.

Nearly. There comes a point where that process stifles my output to a crawl. Sometimes, like now for instance, it's best to make it up as I go along, writers improv, go with the flow and hope its not a total mess by the time I get to the end of it. Minus the odd spelling mistake you'll probably read this exactly the way I've just hurriedly typed it into my phone. Think this’ll be how I'll untangle the knot that is my relationship to the written word.

Not that the old way of doing things will just evaporate, I'll just mix it up with more impromptu, off-the-cuff randomness on a daily or near-to daily basis. Short random bursts of thought, shooting outwards like x-rays from the black hole that is my brain.

Think I'll start with the backlog of games I'm been slowly making my way through these past few months. Aimed to get through them before the next-gen consoles arrived but they're due in a week or two and my to-play pile is as big as ever so that ain't gonna happen. So yeah thoughts on those are incoming with all the impact of a tactical nuke or rather a flying crisp packet. Now for the truly scary bit as I reach for the button to submit this post without so much as proof-reading a single effing blinding word. See you on the other side. DUH-DUH-DUHHHH!