no kill? no problem!

Been watching these for most of my week off, the prolific output of Youtuber slash video blogger slash game player Nerdcubed who plays games, a lot of games, a lot of the time and talks about them as he does so for the collective amusement of the internet. So yeah I'm enjoying these and even when I'm not there's plenty of others to enjoy. Here he plays one of the better games I've played this year, no-killing his way through a level of Dishonored.

A game from one of the writers of the original Deus Ex and one of the designers of City 17 from Half Life 2. Just the mere mention of those games alone created such immense expectation when I first heard about this I couldn't imagine it would live up to it but it did. Is it the epic memorable experience of either of its forebears? I don't know, but it was bloody good regardless. Think I'll ready up a collective entry about all the games I've played this year before I revived the blog, a retrospective if you will. Anyway, enjoy!

Incidentally I'm still tinkering with the layout and appearance settings on the blog. Nothing too drastic just tweaking options here and there but should anything disappear or whatnot it should only be temporary and easily corrected, maybe.