the yodelling throng

We interrupt my adventures in AssCreed to talk about something else entirely. My tolerance for quasi-dream state hijinx is diminished after recent play sessions and besides something caught my eye during an earlier foray around the Twitters earlier this evening. Much to my joy and his endless, endless well of misery, the human shaped sardonic mass that is Charlie Brooker is bringing games and television together once more in a documentary of sorts.

In the infinite mass of noise that is TV he is one of the few personalities that intrigues me, humours me, makes me think that not all media personalities are vapid wastes of cell matter. Given that he seems to put more than a microsecond of thought into the sounds that come out of his face I'll give him credit for rising above the yodelling throng of televisual inanity. So this weekend I think I'll give it a watch should I be able to surgically extract myself from my new gaming console, the Sony Something or Other. Convincing non-chalance that's what that is!

More AssCreed tomorrow, probably.