breakdown on the information superhighway

Well that was weird but back to the regularly scheduled normality now. Of course by normality I mean I'm going to show you a video that encapsulates the best/worst of the 1990's all in a few short minutes. As a pseudo pop cultural anthropologist of the very near past I look upon this hallowed artifact with a profound sense of horror and awe. Behold this promo video for the exciting adventure in humanity that was Windows 95.

Truly it has it all. Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and their salon quality hair star in the world's first, last and only cyber-comedy. This was back in the pre-intertube days where neanderthal man roamed the Earth in search of prey and a decent dial-up modem connection. An era unimaginable to modern sensibilities, where words like information superhighway and hypertext amazed and bedazzled us all. A strange and dark episode then in the ongoing DVD box set of our lives. Spoken only in hallowed tones I think you may find.

Yes I wanted to gouge my eyes out about 60 seconds in but others may fare better than I did, so technically I haven't watched this through. Of course you may make it to the end only to lament that you will never get those precious moments of life back. So enjoy if enjoy is indeed the word for enduring the experience within. Indeed the more I grow older and look back the more the 90's looks like a slightly more fashionable yet equally as awful extension of the 1980's. Like maybe it was just one extended decade that no one noticed at the time. Then of course we arrived in the promised land that is the two thousand and noughties. I suppose that means we are still living in this extended made for TV special that happens to be our lives. Yes its probably still happening, I just won't notice for another decade or two.