dwelling in the AM

I won't make a habit of splurging the contents of Facebook onto the blog too often but as far as rules for improving the world go this one's a corker. Which is to say it's a rule that should be observed at all times in all circumstances in every way possible. At the very least can we try it on for size for 5 minutes. A better world for 5 minutes can we try that?

I love street art me. In my head, where I imagine myself to have greater artistic skills than I actually possess (that is, any at all) I fancy myself to be a devil may care street artist living on the fringes and dwelling in the early AM finding new things to make a mark on. Little marks here and there disrupting the routine and the expected.

Then I realise I'm drinking lemon green tea late on a Monday night watching prerecorded Sherlock whilst getting high on scented candles because I'm none of the above. Truly my head's an odd place.