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Well then, was going to post something tonight. Something about Flashpoint, the latest super mega all-encompassing comic-event reboot of the DC universe. Was going to, then the official Blogger app lost everything I just typed without saving it, it seems. Oh fiddlesticks. PG friendly translations of what I actually just said aside, here are my thoughts in brief.

They're pretty positive thoughts on the whole actually. The DC universe hasn't been the most constant of things over the past decade or two. Every few years its overlords have tried various means to tidy up, condense or erase chunks of backstory to make its fictional universe fit together like it was the plan from the start or something.

Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour,  Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis and this are all successive attempts at making it all coherent without having to deliver a treatise-sized recap at the start of every issue. In its most recent guise this has taken the form of the New 52, the latest reboot of reboots.

At the very least they've gone 5 minutes without rebooting this reboot, hence why I'm reading Flashpoint, where the New 52 begins. Herein The Flash wakes up in Alternate Reality World where he isn't The Flash and things are pretty bleak indeed. Avoiding spoilers, its safe to say someones done a number on time itself.

Now these stories tend to fall into one of two categories. They can either be enjoyable over-the-top big screen heroics with a healthy dose of nonsense or they can be editorially mandated mission statements disguised by a thin layer of story. Flashpoint thankfully falls in with the former, delivering us the odd couple of Flash and alternate Batman as they set to right the wrongs of time.

The story's mastermind, DC mainstay Geoff Johns has a knack for these characters and its the two main characters that bind this story together for me in the end. The very end in fact, which I found to be a satisfying conclusion even if it leaves a lot of questions (intentionally) up in the air. I typically never enjoy the endings to these kind of stories but by damn that last panel struck a note with me.

So yes, having remembered and it seems, having retyped everything the Blogger app lost earlier I think I better get this bad boy posted before technological calamity befalls me again. In summary Flashpoint equals good, Blogger app equals bad. I think there's a lesson we can all take away from that.