priorities or the lack thereof

Indubitably knackered tonight so you're getting one of those non-update kind of updates where I string words together until my brain comes to a screeching halt. Game wise Guacamelee is done, Injustice is still in progress and the PS3 games in my to-play pile remain to be played because try as I might I can't get any more than 24 hours into my day.

Intend to give XCOM: Enemy Within the time it deserves in between all the various activities that seem to be demanding my attention lately. A list that includes but which is not limited to books, comics, movies, box sets and the occasional venture into the so-called real world. Some types call it being time poor but in reality its just being spoilt for choice as far as recreational activities go.

Anyway as far as dilemmas go, it doesn't register as one. Best be getting back to gorging myself on popular culture before my brain goes to sleep before the rest of me tonight. Adios peeps.