why has she got a bushy tail?

Answers on a stamped addressed envelope please.
Look at the picture above and see if you can explain to me in an encyclopedia or less what's going on there? It is an in-game still from the madness that is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, a colourful, anime styled and completely mental beat em up I will now attempt to describe without the use of mind altering elixirs.

How best to summarise the experience without my brain turning to yoghurt? Never played a BlazBlue game before, was vaguely aware of the series much the same way one is aware of the concept of lunacy. Acres and acres of backstory contained within, I must admit I'm approaching the material at a disadvantage somewhat.

It's full of the perplexing narrative continuity that hardcore Japanese role playing games are full of. A meticulous bordering on frenzied attention to details. Rewarding to those who have followed it from day one? Maybe but newcomers probably won't get one wobbling iota of sense out of this, certainly I didn't.

Umm... yeah.

As far as the fighting goes its a fun dose of over the top pugilism with a cast of characters that range from the human to the why-has-she-got-a-bushy-tail variety by way of supernatural entities and fuck off swords. Not lacking for variety then and certainly appealing to every niche you can think of, perverted or otherwise.

Overall if this entire entry is more a summary of my brain's inability to comprehend what my eyes are telling it then maybe that's my bad and maybe I should just make the effort to find out what the hell is going down before my befuddled face. It's a fun game that enables you to approach it as either a clumsy newb or as a combo veteran with the finely tuned skills of a plate-spinning piano player. It's certain a nifty little addition to my Vita library even if its utterly bonkers.

Best stop here as I could literally go on for hours listing all the ways in which this game is clinically certifiable. Maybe I'm the crazy one for attempting to take something like this head on without first consulting the BlazBlue wiki that no doubt exists out there somewhere in the darker corners of the internets. Perhaps some official BlazBlue energy drink to equip my brain for the onslaught of backstory that no doubt awaits me there.

See above.