atari crash derby

Greetings to the interwebs! New year, new beginning and a new crash landing as we arrive at the sunny shores of 2015! Let me welcome you to my dusty little corner of the internet once more. So what's been happening at casa Dave in the long interim between the last post and this one. The big news is that its finally happened. After much in the way of procrastination, false starts, delayed beginnings and vast trepidation I have finally purchased a gaming PC and man does it feel good.

Machines shouldn't bring this much joy but this one does somehow. Maybe its the simple joys of purchasing something that's long been saved for or the elegance of its angular, obsidian casing but I am very much at peace with handing over that much moolah in one go for this box of tricks. As my cursor hovered over the buy now I could feel the palpable tension, the cold sweat and the adrenalin searing through my veins. One click and then it was over.

In an instant I found myself both poorer and now the official owner of a genuine bona-fide PC powerhouse. It was quite the moment let me tell you and so far it's all good news. Delectable gaming performance at my disposal I have done what anyone sane would do and load up my Steam library to play games from the cutting edge of 2001. No really, even I wonder how my mind works sometimes. Bit of Deus Ex, bit of Half-Life then slowly working my way forward through the decade with The Witcher and Left 4 Dead and Painkiller and... you get the idea.

Dipping in and out of the potted highlights of the last 10-15 years of the PC gaming back-catalogue. It's a hoot let me tell you. To play games at maximum fidelity, man that's a strange, strange feeling. Nothing brings home just how weird it feels like The Witcher. By god now that was a game I was playing through when last I PC gamed. Then it was a buggy, glitchy mess that crawled to a slow death on my old PC hardware, now it moves like a dream on ice. Strange, strange feels my friends.

Mindful of promises, no I think that's too strong a way of putting it. Mindful of... general notions I put forward not so long ago I hope things get a bit livelier around here now. More games, more fodder for my brain to process into actual, honest to goodness words for my probably intermittent internet audience. Doesn't get any more steadfast than that. I am solid as a rock. A rock breaking away and falling into the canyon of uncertainty, on a continent of woe on a planet hurtling into a black hole of doubt.

Well say what you mean Dave. More stuff, more often. Yeah that just about nails it. New Year's resolutions are not my thing but that's about as close to one I will get this solar cycle. I've reached some kind of geek nirvana and its about time I put my mind to task about it. Soon as the novelty wears off I'm going to try to put some videos together but that'll be once I settle on something for more than 5 seconds before proceeding to scattershot my way through my Steam library. Oh well, Lovecraftian horrors await. See you on the other side.