the equal of any dark age

Okay, so introductions are in order, my name's Dave, a name of no repute and you are You, an indescribably vague thing. Hi! So why squander the precious moments of life reading this when you could otherwise be better preoccupied with the greater enigmas of life itself. Namely, what is life? Is there a God? Why does TV vomit on my brain? And of course, could Ant kill Dec through asphyxiation by way of inserting said victim's head up his killer's arse? And if so, can this be arranged?

But step back from the brink of interminable thought for a moment and realise you are part of a reality merrily making its way down the Road of Ruin. Oblivious to its origin, indifferent to its destination, this tenuous metaphor defines this sentence as we know it. Yes you could be pondering the nature of being, or you could be debasing yourself in awe at the wonder of it all, more likely you're watching the latest series of Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Porn in HD, where a deranged Titchmarsh finally loses his mind and defiles the very soil with his seed.

Note that this is not a true story but its plausibility is the thing that makes my brain stop dead for a second to actually think. Now thinking is a dangerous thing, many of our leading tyrants 'think' and whenever possible it will be avoided. So in the midst of such turmoil I ask myself where am I going with this? Good question, answer there comes none. The point, if there is a point and I haven't decided if there is yet, is that we live in a gloriously diabolical age the equal of any dark age only we are much louder about it.

Every milestone on the calendar is a doomsday waiting to happen, every cold is a plague, every penny's your last, everyone else is not to be trusted, least of all you, then me, in that order. So in a world where everything may, can and will kill you, people resort to 'entertainment' to escape the mind-numbing (and largely fictional) horror of it all. Whatever form it takes, it becomes a part of you, like leprosy only cooler. Intertwined with our habits, we are what we eat, what we listen to, what we do, what we play...

Even if its utter funk, our senses consume it anyway being rather indifferent to your primitive notions of quality! Life is very much like the career of Noel Edmunds in that it exists and I can't quite account for it. Nonetheless the lack of an answer has never stopped anyone anywhere from expelling violent brain spasms across the page at every opportunity. Therefore I am setting this infernal machine into motion with a video gaming blog that may, on occasion, make reference to so-called video games.

Video games, objects of joy, frustration, fear, hatred, fun and all the other many myriad emotions that comprise well-balanced people, of which approximately none exist in the known universe. This is video gaming in a borderline coherent monologue to myself, me and you. A noise of ideas, news and views with no added afterthought. Like a needle in a sonic haystack, you may find coherence here in this noise, a noise that is conspicuously silent being words and whatnot. In fact the entire metaphor is gloriously redundant and long may be it be so!

So why video gaming over any other wholesome activity? Well having played these things in one way, shape, form or another for most of my life, I feel in some way compelled to comment upon them. Funny that because if you google it up you will probably find an online population the size of one of those large but ignorant American (waking) States where reality is considered a passing fad that will soon fly over.

There are no shortage of opinions on the medium itself then but in an attempt to do something, you know, different or something like it, I'll try to add something new to the questions and debates that seem to have become as much a part of video gaming as the gaming itself. You know the ones I'm talking about, video games as art or video games as moral sewers or games as the ludic manifestation of 'what-the-fuck-am-I-saying?'.

In short, they will all pop up from time to time but unless I have anything remotely interesting or new to say on the matter you will not, I repeat, not read it here first! So introductions made, mission statement completed and meaningless bullshit accomplished, welcome to background noise.