notes from the early 90's

There is so much win in this aggressively anti-Gameboy ad pushing the then-new Atari Lynx to the forefront of our tiny little minds, seriously divert your gaze to the words below, you can't beat blurb of this quality...

Woah! Those 'high definition' SuperGraphics must have fucked up their sense of what was real big time, Matrix style. Special mention must also go to Random Man On A Surfboard, hailing all the way from California Games, California presumably, who the fuck knows/cares? Not the copywriters in that advertising department thats for sure!

There he is, dangling impossibly on a surfboard suspended in mid-air, caring not for inferior handheld gaming devices like the total god he is. I don't know about you but I totally want to buy the shit out of an Atari Lynx now.