crossover mania

So there's this teaser site ticking away the day, hours and minutes to something almost very Fallout related. There is the collective hope that Fallout 4 is on the horizon. Will it? Can it? Be it? Having played this series since its first atmospheric outing into the future past I can say I am very happy at the prospect. Very few fictional worlds bring it together like this one does, a retro future 1950's America warped, twisted and annihilated by nuclear hellfire but still very much there when you wipe away the ashes. It's bleak, funny and demented and if there's more coming I will be very much doing my happy dance.

Straight outta Facebook.

Now if you will excuse me, the hour is almost upon us. I am about to succumb to a giddy fit of joy when I acquire my new PS4 console shortly. These words really don't do justice to my state of mind right now. Damn my eyes I am even going to a midnight launch to acquire this coveted item. The horrors of midnight retail. Oh well, here goes nothing.