more of the same productions

So I was going to blog some more about a certain Creed of Assassin-like parkour runners but to be honest I haven't got much to work with here. Uninspiring is the word. Adding to this is a quote unquote real life that sits at the periphery of my gaming and will ever so often make inroads on my available time. Today is just such a day when that happened, leaving me lacking a certain energy and bereft of thought and word when it comes to a game that feels like it is thoroughly going through the motions. Okay well not entirely bereft of words then, obviously I can write meandering monologues like this in my sleep. In fact I may be asleep, oh my god I am blogging in my sleep aren't I? Aren't I?

No, no I'm not, maybe. I'll keep playing this game out of a sense that something interesting and or conclusive might occur but no, that's not going to happen. This is the fifth Assassin's Creed game I've played and the sense that they are now residing in deja vu limbo is as strong as ever, its creators are residing in a creative safe mode from which they are going to make only the most cautious of steps in new directions. Slow interminable progress, they treat it like a disease. It really feels like I could be playing any one of its recent predecessors. Same game, new paint job but the veneer is wearing thin like it did for Call of Duty a few years ago when it was obvious to anyone with eyes and ears that its developers too were happy to reside in an infinite loop too profitable to break out of.

Bad habits, but gainful ones it seems given how much moolah these games make. The bad habits of video game developers and the gamers who enable them by buying identikit sequels and spin offs. We're the bad friends who let friends drink and drive. Oh well its clearly a problem the world is happy to live with but curse me if I want more for the premium price tag I'm paying for my video gamey entertainment. At least there is a flourishing indie game movement slowly making moves on my free time but is it so much to ask those with more of everything to shake their act up and surprise me every once in a while. Worst thing a game can do is go through those motions and actually feel like a waste of time. This game is accomplishing that.