nerve endings

Not pictured: my limitless joy!

Circa 12.11 last night I walked out of GAME with a bag packed to the brim with all forms of wholesome Sony goodness. Not having attended a launch before I wasn't sure what I expected beforehand but what I got was less the horror of midnight retail and more an orderly, sane process where I got my console in super quick time.

So kudos to the masterminds behind this nefarious scheme of suspiciously sensible late-night retail. Surprisingly pain free given there were best part of a hundred people queueing for it once the late surge set in. Went in before midnight, got me some sales spiel then put my order together, paid beforehand and waited around until my allotted raffle ticket got me 30th in the queue. 

Ruthlessly efficient queue management got me my console in 11 minutes. Also a PlayStation Vita which I bought presumably in a moment of madness triggered by my uncharacteristic spending of large sums of money. So there I was walking out of there, console in my white-knuckled grip. I made my paranoid yet joyful jaunt through the mean streets of Swansea en-route to my car. Making random unintelligible sounds of joy I went home and setup. So first thoughts insofar as I can string them together? 

Not pictured: my nerd-based joygasm.

The machine itself, the controllers, the interface, the interconnectedness of it. Its sublime. The launch line-up? Not so much but I'm exploding things with relish anyway. Killzone: Shadow Fall is just like a Killzone game but with a plot, or so it seems in the early going at least. Battlefield 4 still insists on having a single player experience where it doesn't need one but nonetheless it is pure eye-porn. Plays about as well as it looks too, a genuinely immersive experience that sets my nerve endings ablaze. No doubt there will be more thoughts to come.

Where we're at is at the far end of the feedback loop that starts with Sony's mishandling of the PlayStation 3 and ends here with a console that rectifies a lot of the issues that plagued the PS3 from day one. A mouthful there but I don't think you can talk about one console without including the other somewhere in the mix. The PlayStation 4 wouldn't exist the way it does without the epic fails of Sony past. So yeah I am in danger of getting way deep here when my brain is still reeling from the joy of it all. So that'll about as much sense as you're going to get out of me tonight, more soon but for now I need to do some more exploding.