super random joy bomb

So you probably won't get too much coherence out of me today on account of a random purchase of two highly coveted games earlier this evening. Just minding my way on the drive back home when it occurred to me I hadn't acquired said games yet so in a fit of something or other I went out and bought them. Barely been able to contain my sheer joy since. Not really containing it now to be honest, not successfully at any rate because you see dear reader I now possess these. 

My inner geek is freaking out. Wait did I say inner?
That would be The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and XCOM: Enemy Within. One's a prequel and the others an add-on pack to my favourite game of 2012, that'll be XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Now then, there's a game that was a hug in a mug on the cold and stormy night that is modern videogame development. But I'll save that blog entry for another day, you must excuse me now I've got overwhelming odds waiting to kick my ass all over again.