taking the crazy pill

Short update two: the sequel! Also known as why won't this game bloody end? Seriously some games just nail the sweet art of pacing perfectly, others just pad it out to the gills. Sat down to complete Dead Space 2 last night only to find it is about two to three chapters longer than it needs to be.

Good thing I am on my week off otherwise I'd take umbrage at its domination of so large a chunk of my free time. All my earlier praise still applies as the padding does not become evident until the end game but certainly you can slot this into the list of negatives alongside the somewhat threadbare plot and the brain damaged motivations of all the other characters. Quite like the main characters descent into lunacy but when everyone is taking the crazy pill, the law of less if more comes into effect.

On a side note it looks like the embargo on PlayStation 4 news is no longer in effect meaning a deluge of next gen news coverage across the internets. Got that pre-order nice and ready for the month's end, now all I have to do is suffer the enthusiasm of an entire continent getting the console before me.