they call him LOL

Not long to go now til I get my hands are on some shiny new next-gen gaming tech. Think I'm most looking forward to Battlefield 4, mostly for the nuanced characterisation, the resonant plot and the many onion like layers of intrigue woven into the single player experience.


Just no.

Those would be filthy lies.

Its all about the murderizing and the being murderized online. It's all about the online in fact. 64 players competing in a deadly fun-filled medley of destruction. Yes I can almost see the finely rendered detail in HD now, can almost taste the destruction in the air, can almost hear the mocking laughter of my enemies.

No those aren't the mocking taunts of foes. They can't mock you in Battlefield,  they can't talk to you at all. No those would be the mocking taunts of friends LOL'ing in my general direction after some random calamity atomises me. Its a familiar experience the mocking laughter of my friends slash enemies going all the way back to the original Battlefield 1942 where large scale war gaming blew my tiny little mind. The experience extended well into Battlefield 2 which in my personal estimation was the best game of 2005! Sorry Space Lorry Simulator 2005*, better luck next lifetime.

Truly its the scale that defines this series for me so my last few years spent as an exile from PC gaming have been interesting ones. Interesting in that the headcount is much lower on consoles, some maps feeling like ghost towns even when full. This does not the feeling of heated battle make.The gulf between ambition and technology grew only wider by the time we got Battlefield 3, a game I lost interest with by the time its last map pack came out. Murderizing online should be fun dammit. I want to drive tanks into people's faces not run aimlessly around for five minutes before someone snipes a hole through time and space by way of my skull.

So hopes are high what with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One being practically mini-PC's on the inside, veritable Skynets in a box the both of them. Technological convergence is giving me my Battlefield back, maybe. I better go now, practice my LOL's and LMAO's before the day is upon us.

*not actually a thing that exists.