advertising you win!

The 1980's truly were a different time weren't they? You may have noticed they feature quite predominantly in the meandering mess that is my brain as featured on this very blog. Truly not many era's can lay claim to this, an Atari advert for Pole Position wherein a godly hand descends from above to rescue a family of yuppies from their everlasting peace of mind. All the while an off-screen voice, presumably God, casually berates them from afar for daring to live a life devoid of Pole Position. Then as so often happens in these situations he shakes them out of their car and out of their humdrum existence into wildly misleading footage of real race cars exploding all over the place intercut with underwhelming in-game footage. Quite simply, words cannot express the joy found within.

A game that promises to bust your crank and leave skidmarks on your soul? Sold!