low update alert

So with one momentous accomplishment done and done in Hotline Miami I find myself ever closer to its prized platinum trophy. That'll be the trophy you get when you get all other trophies in the game. Doesn't happen very often and until I recently I wasn't going for it here but I'm so close now damn it. Just got to get an A+ grade for every level, this is going about as well as you'd expect.

It's reminding me just how much I enjoy this game though, which is very. Extremely replayable with oodles of tone and atmosphere in the story. I'll stop my gushing here as I believe I've extolled its virtues before. Anyway with the festive season circling around me on all sides like I'm some walking, talking eye of the storm I am officially putting the blog on a low update alert for the next few days. Nothing personal, I'll endeavour to keep writing but there is a chance my brain will not compute amidst all the Christmas razzmatazz. On the off chance I disappear for the next few days Merry Xmas folks, may it be full of the merry and whatnot.