piledriving skeletons

I've talked about it before but Guacamelee! has to be one of the most joyful games I've played in a while. A colourful, funny utterly charming platformer where you take on skeletons as an undead luchador risen from the great thereafter to save the woman he loves. Because that's how he rolls. Seriously though this feels like a game made entirely for me. That of course raises the possibility that somewhere out there someone is tracking every move I make for the purposes of catering to my every whim, which is something that should terrify us all really.

Not much in the way of blog updating in me tonight. I have finally finished off the single player in Killzone Shadow Fall so doubtless there will be more thoughts soon on that one. Won't spoil it for you now but suffice to say there were explosions, a little overwrought drama and a low-to-high bodycount involved on the way to its conclusion. In the meanwhile enjoy these scenes from my adventures with Juan.