Planet Blade Runner

Okay so maybe, just maybe, in an entirely contradictory yet typically expected way, Killzone Shadow Fall might be growing on me, might be, just a little. Ejecting out of my spaceship in the upper atmosphere and sky diving through the ruins of a dead planet I can appreciate its makers are trying to mix it up. It's not all boom, shoot, boom! Even on that front, I gotta appreciate the sound design in this game. When guns go off in Killzone it punctures the air with a resounding bang. Feels like you're blasting holes in reality itself. Granted there is still no story or characterisation to write home about, nothing to tie this medley of kick-ass moments together but it'll do until I'm done with it.
A perty looking game too, feels like I am on a never ending trek through Planet Blade Runner but if you're going to riff on others, riff on the stylings of the best I guess. The game does look and feel like something that would have made older consoles seize up and die. Wandering through the industrial hell that is the Helghan side of the planet you can almost taste the toxic metals in the air. I think that's a recommendation, of a sort, maybe. It's certainly a recognition that this game does atmosphere well, now if only they could just fill in the blanks where the story goes and they might have something on their hands here. Anyway that's enough changing my mind about things for today, back to the utmost destruction of my enemies.