sanity prevails

Been watching these guys as they fly high on a never ending, ongoing overdose of testosterone today. Yes the assembled videos of Bro Team might not be the most productive use of your time today but they crack me up something major. Essentially envision if you will two guys talking a little louder than they need to in a comically exaggerated parody of your average twenty-something male gamer overspilling with anger issues. No that's not quite it, no imagine a non-stop stream of thought but instead of actual thoughts its a torrent of unyielding prejudice directed at just about everything and everyone. Yeah that's more like it.

A joke so good in part because it is so eerily close to the genuine article, its one of those random discoveries of the kind you can only find on the internet. Where you click a link and something hilariously inappropriate is all in your face before sanity prevails, I found these guys on the world's greatest website (that'll be Cracked.com) and before you know it suddenly I'm wasting away my precious free time watching these guys as they elevate profanity to new highs/lows. Enjoy their singular take on Medal of Honor: Warfighter.