standard yearly retrospective

Well I was going to do a recap of 2013 as channelled through my own peculiar mind but given work, play and a recent spike in alcohol intake that is unlikely to occur at this hour. Something for the new year perhaps when my brain is less addled and my typing fingers are more capable.

So here's 2013 expressed in its very best as a series of words that may or may not resemble the titles of games played (not necessarily released) this year. Goes something like this... Dishonored, Grand Theft Auto V, The Walking Dead, Hotline Miami, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Vanquish, Sleeping Dogs and Resogun.

Was going to pop Miley Cyrus' Spelunking Simulator 2013 in there somewhere but I have a vague intuition that it doesn't, in fact, exist. Shame that, the adventures of Miley Cyrus as she spelunks into the hearts of fans everywhere would be a treat to behold. Well folks, half expect a more substantial follow-up to this in the new year when sober minds prevail. Happy New Year in whatever shape or form it comes to you, may the ninjas of fate throw a shooting star of good fortune in your direction.