sweet synthesizer sounds

The PlayStation Network's store made another raid on my wallet this evening after reeling me in with an enticing offer for the 'director's cut' of Lone Survivor. A self-consciously retro Silent Hill lost in an alternate dimension of ambient terror rendered in the sweet graphics of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As initial impressions go then, its good.

It's from Jasper Byrne, a dude I associated more with music than games up until recently. It's by his music that I first came across his name not so long ago attached as it was to my favourite part of the Hotline Miami soundtrack. A soundtrack that fed the part of my brain that craves sweet synthesizer sounds styled as though they came straight from the late 1980's.

So between that and the general positive buzz surrounding it, Lone Survivor has been on my geek radar for a few months now. It starts intriguingly enough, your eponymous lone survivor losing their grip on what is real as they succumb to the horrors of solitude in a post apocalyptic urban wasteland. Getting strong hints of early Silent Hill here, the good kind of Silent Hill. So you could say my hopes are high here. Will it cruelly dash them? Tune in at some random point in the near future to find out!