action movie decades

Sitting back and getting my space geek on with this previously unseen set of photographs from the unquestionably cool period of modern history that was the space race. As well as being super cool reminder of just what we can do when we put our minds to something and succeed at it, it's also bringing back memories of my formative years where I was kinda crazy obsessive about this sort of thing. Space, astronomy, astronauts. Oh yes, astronauts were and still are amongst my personal heroes. That special and possibly crazy breed of pioneers who went beyond the beyond and then a little further.

It was my first ambition in life actually and by damn I still want to work in space. Damn you future hurry the fuck up! I don't care what in particular I just want my casual day job to be situated somewhere in zero gravity above this planet. Doesn't really matter what the job description is because doing it in space is much cooler. I could be a caretaker... in space! See how that is much more interesting all of a sudden? Data entry... in space! Tax accountant... in space! Customer service... in space! Doorman... in space! Spaceman... in space!

I could go on and on and I would if I didn't have to get some sleep at some point in the near future. But yes space and the pursuit of space-based employment is one of those things that fills me with genuine awe and the sort of giddy enthusiasm commonly contained in our finest mental health institutions. Granted the actual likelihood of any this happening in my lifetime is probably minimal bordering on a more likely zero chance of realisation. Oh well, I'm nothing if not an eternal optimist (don't laugh) and I always live in the hope of a better tomorrow (seriously stop it now).

If not an actual astronaut maybe I'll be a space photographer (see my above theory on how putting the word space next to anything makes it sound more exciting) capturing astronauts in action as shit gets real in space as I suspect it often does. Well it does in my head anyway, but then my imagination was formed at an early age by the action movies of that most sanctified of action movie decades, the 1980's. So who knows how reliable that is as a guide to the authentic experience of being a spaceman or woman. Granted their day to day job probably involves less in the way of ex-CIA operatives being called out of retirement for their one last mission and more in the way of death-defying daredevilry with no margins for error wearing only a cool-ass suit to protect you from deadly cosmic rays.

Damn it future, seriously what happened?