enter 2014

So we arrive in 2014 after the bumpy ride that was 2013, that year long conclusion to the transition that was 2012 and no that's enough of that you get the idea I'm sure. Its that time of year where everyone and their gay cousins roommate are eulogising the year past and prophesying the year ahead. Everyone's getting their respective inner mystic on except me.

Not going to happen here. Instead I'm going to drink tea and write about things on a daily basis. There, that's about the limit of my glimpse into the future, doesn't really extend to all things that will occur in 2014 outside of my little corner of it. It will certainly contain 365 days worth of time let me tell you! Events will occur, shenanigans will transgress, circumstances will transpire.

Probably a reason why I avoid the whole cycle of retrospection and prediction that occurs without fail around this time of year. For someone who thinks and writes about the niche within the niche that is videogames well there's not much to say that hasn't already been said.

Whether it was last year, the one before or the one before that the story remains much the same. Namely that technology is getting better and continues to pack more of a wallop than it used to. Problem is, everything else isn't getting better along with it. New consoles came out with some nifty new features but did we see a shift forward in the development of games as a medium? No, not really.

Raw technology alone is pretty disengaging without the ideas to back it up and whilst those ideas are out there the money is still chasing the uninspired me-too copycat notions of what makes a videogame now. I'm sure we'll still get the exceptions to the rule, those amazing games that will continue to be amazing. Almost as certain as we'll see Call of Duty: Space Ranger Cold Warriors Part II on release come next November.

Oh well bring it on. I'll be here at the keyboard watching and waiting and playing and typing away. But on that note I think Background Noise is going to become a more general all-purpose outlet for all the nonsense my brain can throw at the screen. This place seems like a good fit for it. Oh there'll be plenty of gaming going on to be sure only with an added dose of utter randomness to mix it up a little. Welcome 2014, close the door behind you.