low activity mode

Well I'm zonked, tired, at a loss for words you may say but there's just enough left in the old brain to come up with this lot. Not much left in there for actual blogging though, for it is largely depleted after today's exploits in the so-called real world.

Now with my head in such a state you would have thought tonight would have been the perfect opportunity to polish off Uncharted: Golden Abyss but no. It's proving to be a longer game than I expected. Relatively little plot going on but they spread it just shy of its breaking point. Contains a lot of murder though.

It's par for the course in these games naturally but it feels like Nathan Drake has laid waste to a nation of generic goons at what I hope is the late stage of this game. Makes you wonder why anyone bothers to be a mercenary around here and who hires them? They're professional murder fodder more like for wisecracking rogue archaeologists who don't play by the book. Because who does anymore?

Man its a good thing my brain is in low activity mode otherwise this stuff might irk me more than it should. Its more bloody minded stubbornness at this point to actually finish some of these games I've started before tackling that wall of games I've barely touched at all.

Much as I enjoy this game for its smooth implementation of game mechanics with Hollywood source material I just wish it would just cease to insult my intelligence and end now. Preferably before the brain damage becomes permanent but as we all know its probably half a lifetime too late for that. Come on Drake, let's see you dispatch the mastermind behind the nefarious scheme as I'm sure you inevitably will.