ping me

Short update tonight after several hours of getting unceremoniously slaughtered on the online battlefields of err Battlefield 4. It's all part of my ongoing quest to find redemption in this game. It's not going well. You see, It's almost like its trying to be another game entirely. Not to name names but it rhymes with gaul of shooty or fall of booty.

With but one exception I've played every single one of them since Battlefield 1942 so I speak as someone familiar with the series when I say there is something suspiciously Call of Duty-esque about the mechanics of the last games online. No sir I don't like it, too twitch based and reliant on low pings and razor edge energy drink fuelled reaction times.

Battlefield used to be its own distinct experience online, one based on large scale warfare and teamwork. But the lines between it and its main competitor are blurring and not to its credit. The end-product is a mishmash compromised by its mixed ambitions and not quite the kickass game it should be. If only it contained more luchadors.