possibly insightful game commentary alert!

Well I'm all fresh out of it tonight. So instead I'm going to do it by proxy via the ever capable yet curmudgeonly Yahtzee Croshaw and his pal Gabe as they talk about 2013 in gaming the only way they know how, by drowning out the sights and sounds of Final Fight whilst doing so. Some day all year long retrospectives will retrospect this way with random uber-manly violence playing out in the background in early 90's arcade style.

Yahtzee's long been one of my preferred voices in video game commentary, opining on games in his own special way on Zero Punctuation. Granted he comes across as a miserable old git almost all of the time but never without a well-reasoned argument to accompany his somewhat acidic powers of critique. The above video is from one of his newer endeavours, a slightly less rapid-mouthed but no less entertaining series of observations of the kind that can only occur to you when you're launching a spinning punch attack against your enemies.