save the save game

Due to a miscalculation on my part, tonight's update will be nothing short of epic. No wait that's wrong, what I meant to say was that it'll be more short than epic. Had an evening of casual larks and drinks over Battlefield 4 last night and I've spent most of today recovering from it. The drinks that is, as opposed to the Battlefield 4.

It may be the effect of the aforementioned intoxication but actually had some fun with Battlefield last night. It's looking almost relatively polished compared to the state of it a few weeks back. Why its almost like it only needed a 2014 release date as opposed to rushing it out in time for the Xmas rush.

Funny how that works. Don't know if any amount of patching will restore my confidence in the game not to lose my single player save file though. Amazing isn't it. That the game industry has had save game technology perfected for decades now but still we've managed to regress on that. Would be something if there was a compelling story to be played once let alone multiple times. Oh well, back to recovery mode, see you in the meanwhile.