sleep mode

Well this has been a week or so ongoing of me being perpetually bereft of the energy required to blog like the proverbial mofo that I am. Nothing but memes and apologies for memes because who doesn't look reading those? Well me for a start.

The bad news is I'm still in low energy mode. That said I don't expect it to last very the much longer. All the usual reasons apply i.e work, job, life etc. Just not the time or inclination left in me to type away about my days exploits. My adventures in mundane everyday life not being the stuff of legend if I'm honest, they'd barely make a good mid-afternoon made-for-TV movie drama. That's the bottom of the particular barrel I'm scraping here.

The good news is my aforementioned list of favourite games is still in the making. Having moved on from being a vague scribble in a notebook its now a slightly more legible scribble that, when looked upon in the right light, almost reads like words and shit. That'll be stage two then. Suffice to say there's a rough list of games in some kind of order and a few allotted words next to them summing up why they're there. Expect a rather more refined, filtered and articulate arrangement of these words shortly.

As for me, its time to go back into sleep mode. Recharge the parts of my brain that usually provide the nonsense I pass off as credible blog writing. Adios!