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With great trepidation I sense I'm approaching the end of Guacamelee, the story of one man's fight against the forces of darkness as told through the medium of pro-wrestling. It's a story not often told much to the detriment of our lives.

Its a gap in your life you probably never realised was there until you played this game, least I never did. Colourful, witty and charming, its a puzzle platformer with a lot of good ideas. Here's hoping it gains some traction and spawns more exploits in the life of Juan, gaming's best luchador since, well, forever!

So I hope the game makers are out there reading this. More pro wrestling in games that aren't necessarily pro-wrestling games please! Failing that I'll just have to take a game where Hulk Hogan bodyslams zombie Hitler because there's a thought provoking tear-jerker right there.