super punched in the face part II

Okay I take it all back. Just when I think Justice League is on a one way trip into humdrumsville I turn a page and Io and behold it starts getting interesting. That should teach me to jump the gun I dare wager, look before I leap, recline before I decline as they say. Well no one says that, but you get the idea.

Can see why I have been duped into thinking otherwise though, the way its collected all the weaker bits are at the start. Reading through The Villain's Journey, the second traded collection of the series, it starts with two issues of low key setup before actual things start happening in the plot proper. Am I taking it all back? Not quite. The pacing still seems a little off but otherwise I'm well down with this and whatnot.

Unexpected threads from the first trade are even popping up as they conspire to make interesting things happen. Well I'll be its like a story is getting told even when my brain is not picking up on it. Whether this lives up to one of my favourite runs in comics (Grant Morrison's JLA run) is one thing but I'm on-board with this now in a slightly more convinced way than I was. Now back to the action, and the tea drinking. Because where there's one there is the other.