super punched in the face

Quiet evening tonight, drinking tea and reading the comic based adventures of the Justice League. Could say its a quiet one then, which it is. Its New 52 Justice League too which I have yet to make up my mind upon. Long form storytelling aplenty that may or may not be building up for the pay-off in the long run. Things are getting super punched in the face in the name of justice at least so there's that.

Thus far I'm about eight issues into the run and it just seems kinda uninvolving for all the setup that's obviously going on. Like everyone's thinking ten issues ahead without fine tuning the current events first. Maybe that's the idea what with all the allusions to gods and so on. Maybe they are deliberately being setup as distant figures in their own way as a means of setting up more super powered throw downs in the near future. Until then I shall make do with all the over powered super hijinx as fists fly into the faces of all who oppose them.

Elsewhere Dennaton Games today favourited one of my Hotline Miami themed tweets from my platinum run back in December. Why yes it was a quiet day today why do you ask? Yeah I suppose when one starts blogging about tweets one is lacking for things to blog about. Plus its blogging about blogging and that's like the snake eating its own tail. Probably best I end it here really.

Witness the internet devour itself!