the infinite curve

How I miss PC gaming. Can still remember saving up for a decent graphics card to play the highly anticipated behemoth that was and is Half Life 2 back in the day. Think I'm gonna make it an ambition to re-acquaint myself with PC gaming at some point in the near to mid future.

Why? It may be rose-tinted nostalgia but it just seems like a platform of more possibility than console. More potential you might say. Certain game genres don't get much of a showing on console alas, I'm looking at all the open space-based exploring, trading and blasting games out there in particular.

Not to mention that for all the advances in console tech they still remain rather closed systems tied into their particular way of doing things. Then again PC gaming is a creature of habit too. The never ending arms race that is getting the best setup only to find yourself struggling to stay ahead of the infinite curve heading ever upwards towards ever greater tech powers.

Upgrading is less of an event than it is in console gaming and there is always the risk that the games you buy won't actually run for some arcane reason but yeah I look upon my PC gaming with some possibly misplaced fondness. That said I want back in because Valve have got to get around to Half Life 3 at some point in this lifetime