the now is then

Looks like the world is getting something called PlayStation Now whether it wants it or not in the near future. An all-new all-singing all-dancing service where PS2 and PS3 games are streamed to about as many devices as can run them. Cloud gaming, backwards compatibility, the future is now and the now is then. Welcome back to the past!

Details are vague, seems like it will be a subscription service because Sony's raid on my wallet is far from complete. More importantly it doesn't seem like your prior ownership of any of these games will give Sony any sleepless nights about charging you for them again and on a rental basis no less. Not to mention the usual provisos that have dampened the promise of cloud gaming thus far still apply, namely the lag.

How much the tech can do about that is one of those awkward little questions that we'll just have to wait and see on. Pressing inputs on your control pad only to see the game react after the tiniest of delays on-screen could be what trips the whole thing up. We'll see then whether the future is as shiny up close as it seems to be from the distance.