to play or not to play

There I was, chilling and relaxing all cool on a day off when suddenly a bizarre, weird and utterly strange notion pops into my head. Namely that for the first time in an age I have more games around me that I know what to do with. I look upon the list below and wonder how I came to be such a junkie for the high quality product of the videogame industry.

In no particular order it includes XCOM: Enemy Within, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Bioshock Infinite, Saints Row The Third, Limbo, Metro: Last Light, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It goes on to include Lone Survivor, Velocity Ultra, Gravity Rush, Unit 13, Terraria, Sine Mora, Blazblue: Continuum Rush Extend and Soul Sacrifice but we're not quite done yet.

For there's also Dirt Showdown, Lollipop Chainsaw, Yakuza 3, HD Collections of Splinter Cell, Zone of the Enders and the Team ICO games. Throw in a long planned replay of the Mass Effect trilogy and Fallout: New Vegas and that's quite an investment of free time that I just don't seem to have these days. First world dilemma or what? Still some of this will get played in this lifetime.

Mostly PS3 games too. Testimony to the lifespan of the last console generation that I'll still be playing its games for a while yet. Have to admit I'm impressively surprised/shocked/horrified at how my gaming habit has expanded out of all proportion to the actual amount of free time at my disposal. It's like I'm allergic to boredom, or even the prospect of boredom. Like my brain needs a constant surge of explosions to keep it ticking over. Maybe it does, maybe that's how my brain works?

Well if the entertainment industry ever has its own little apocalypse, I suppose I'm well provisioned for the aftermath in this bunker of entertainment that is my domain. All said I should stop buying games for a while really unless I can get some of the above played first. An exercise in compulsion control that will only succeed as long as no good games come out for the next decade. That'll work right?