world war me

Battlefield 4. An utterly beautiful game but so utterly inept technically at the moment. Obviously rushed to release it is bugged up to the eyeballs with the sort of technological hiccups that really shouldn't still be there by the time it reaches the shores of release day.

It contains so many bugs its maker DICE have created their own special tracker to outline what is getting fixed and when, because there is so many bugs they have to order them by priority now. It's a game so screwed it has just lost my single player progress, again. This time I was most of the way through the so-called plot too. What is so difficult about keeping your save game intact? We have had the technology to make this not happen for years now. How have they found new and exciting ways to fuck that up?

Its a game that technically couldn't find its arse with both hands at the moment. A game that even tries to coax you into spending £40 of real money on an all-in season pass collection of map packs whilst it collapses in on itself every few minutes. A game that insults my intelligence then insults it again with the hard sell.
So yes, not too enamoured with either it nor DICE at the moment. Trying to salvage what I can from the multiplayer experience as ruthless and Call of Duty-like as it has become. Somewhere beneath all this there is a good game yearning to be played, I just can't find it yet.