This might just be the greatest thing ever in the history of the last five minutes. The Flash in Lego I tell you. The. Flash. In. Lego. In case it wasn't evident I love Lego I do. Toys and worlds you can build, its like Minecraft before there was a Minecraft. Or maybe Minecraft is just catching up.

Lego Batman just about blew my tiny little mind when that launched but this takes aim at what little remains and blasts that away too. Guess I'm down to thinking with but the merest bits of what's left. Wiring up all the remaining atoms together until they form a circuit and achieve the illusion of a working brain. Probably explains why I'm not so hot on the old thinking tonight.

It's all drinking tea and watching television. That's where it's at. Yeah you can keep your drugs and your alcohol. It's me and tea all the way, and Lego. Aside from that its a whole lot of nothing happening in the world of Dave. Work has left me depleted again so I'm on course for an imminent date with my bed. Night peeps.