lunch with ragna

Finished Blazblue's story mode tonight. At least I think I did, sorta, maybe. Well the end credits started rolling, that's always a clue. But the bit before that. Well it seemed to be an ending to something anyway. I'm entirely unclear on what exactly concluded only that it came to an end.

Ragna The Bloodedge. Yes that's a name. That's our main character, he whose story neither starts nor ends in this game. Well he's the spiky haired anime style protagonist who endlessly quips whilst buxom anime style female characters either hit him or swoon over him every five seconds in a dark post apocalyptic-maybe style world full of cat people and improbable motivations.

Anyway somehow we go from all that to a whole lot of weird plot developments later where some green haired government agent is promising to burn the world down and I still don't have the first clue why any of this is happening at all. Like there isn't enough caffeine soaring through my veins to make sense of this madness. Only the Blazblue online wikipedia can save me from my utter befuddlement now.