post 100

Well it only took me, what? 3 years, 2 months and give or take a couple of days to get to this, post 100 people. Remember where you were and so on. Granted only a fraction of that was comprised of actual regular honest-to-goodness blogging but still, its good to think I've stuck with it if not always consistently. Makes me wish I actually had something more to blog about tonight, like maybe an actual list of favourite games that I have been alluding to lately but alas its still under construction. All those badly written jokes don't write themselves, no that's all me.

Well it shouldn't take as long to get to post 200 and beyond given that I have dedicated myself to updating this creation of mine on a regular basis. Even if on some days I am exhausted, mentally wasted or otherwise devoid of subject matter, I will always endeavour to leave a little something around here to mark the moment. So yeah just self-referential blogging about blogging tonight but what about the future? Spoilers ahead but at a guess it'll include many posts on the length and breadth of all things Dave.

Spoilers but that'll mean endless musing on videogames, comic books, books books, Doctor Who, Lego, Lovecraft, the musical stylings of the 1980's and 90's, the respective decades in and of themselves as well as things, more things and much much more! No I can't tell whether that's a promise or a threat. Can't tell whether I'm being serious either. Maybe I'm deadly serious or maybe I'm just making it up as I go along. Yeah it's probably that. Anyway here's to more random noise in whatever shape or form it takes after being filtered through my brain and processed through a keyboard as it makes its way onto your screen. Adios!