tonight's political content

Courtesy of the amazing game-shaped box of insanity that is Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend, here comes some hard hitting political commentary brought to you by a talking cat person thing, telling it like it is!

If a picture says a thousand words then the above image is a heartfelt appeal to the hunger of the average talking cat person spoken mostly in meows. No idea how the plot arrived at this point but from there we went to a restaurant filled with bounty hunters to then running from said restaurant with the bill unpaid.

Yes this game has enough madness contained within it to keep this going for days and days. In fact I could probably devote an entire blog to every twist, turn and plot development. I won't, but I could. Instead I'll show you a scene from later on where our feline friend gets all pervy with the ladies, because this is a thing that happens in Blazblue.