When we last left our hapless hero he was besieged by the problems of too many games to play with too little time to both play them and blog about them. A knife edge cliffhanger if ever there was one, surely one day it'll form part of an exciting box set.

So what I have I been doing instead of blogging about games? Well playing them mostly. Diminishing that momentous pile and overcoming all odds only to find there is still an f-tonne of games to play. Still progress is key however incremental. Thus far its been a high ratio of quality to bullshit which is always good when you are force-feeding your brain entertainment.

Let's see. There was BioShock Infinite. That was good. Infamous 2. Also good. Uncharted 3. You get one guess on that one. Zone of the Enders HD and its sequel. Less good. Spelunky. Infuriating but good. Beyond Good and Evil HD. Over-rated and intermittently good. Currently I am progressing through The Last of Us, just your average masterpiece. Possibly good, definitely great.

All games, all the time. Also TV. Also books. Also work and sometimes life. Somewhere down that list comes the blog rising from the cold ashes like a fiery phoenix bird of some description. Possibly a phoenix. Anyway the long and short of it is I'm going to blog on a regular basis again. Huzzah! Probably won't be a daily update, at least not for now but it'll be somewhere between daily and never. Let's set the bar reassuringly low and say a couple of times a week at least. More thoughts incoming shortly.