hello internet!

Well if you guys got a nickel for every time I've said 'I'm back now' shortly followed by 'No really, I am back now' then you guys would have some serious currency on your hands. Not going to fall into that trap today. The only promises being made here are that there are no promises when it comes to my schedule lately. Been steam-rollering through my to-play list though, the one I may have referred to before. The one I'm currently clearing through at the cost of most of my free time.

So in a sense I'm loading up on mental ammunition for the next round of heavy duty blogging that'll be coming your way at TBD. In another very real sense I just need to organise my time better. That said there are plans afoot that should see more activity around these here parts at some point in the near-but-not-going-down-that-road-again future. PC gaming, that glorious but afar promised land of possibility. Been saving up for my return trip after my many a-year hiatus from its golden shores. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. This makes me do a happy dance.

High possibility here that it might just busy me with more non-blogging related stuff to do, on the flip side I'm mulling over the possibilities of putting together let's plays and reviews and other less-wordy stuff that will fit in right at home here around these here parts. That should happen in the next month or two should all go to pot, or plan rather. Yes PC gaming makes me a happy Dave and it might actually lead to this place being updated on a semi-regular basis again. No wait there I go again making promises I can't guarantee. What I will promise though is a reboot of this place. Maybe a new name, new look. Spruce up the joint a tad. An insulin shot to the heart Pulp Fiction style but without the preceding overdose you know the kind of thing.

Until next time, whenever that may be. It should be soon, I want it to be soon but we all know better at this point. Adios!