turn the volume down

Quiet evening, headphones on, a chilled wave of ambience carrying me away to horizons new and old. Insert much self indulgent wankery here, it'll fit nicely into a paragraph like this. Still, a pause is good. Helps me think, turns the volume down in my brain a tad. All that stuff in there, full of half thoughts and semi-notions. Gets busy know what I'm saying?

Just close my eyes and I'm there, wherever there happens to be in my head at the time. If I didn't know better I'd think I was on the cusp of something profound but then whatever it is is gone and I'm not sure what I was on about to begin with. Like a lot of what my brain does to me actually but to music.

So yeah a few paragraphs of semi-coherent nonsense for tonights blog update. My brain obviously responds to ambient melodic chillout music like its trying to do one of every drug at once. Probably safer this way, also cheaper. Sounds obviously do something to the old brain chemistry leading to the mess of words you're reading on your screen right now.

The merits of typing all this down are dubious at best. Trying to capture a glimmer of something I guess, something I can't quite verbalise without lapsing into further, deeper incoherence. Like a fugue state of stupidity that may or may not produce something interesting in the fullness of time. I'm talking like epochs here waiting for something interesting to come out of all this.

Or maybe not. Maybe this is one of those journeys rather than the destination. More important to let everything come to a halt for its own sake rather than draw something out of the experience for a barely thought out blog update. This is why I don't go on safari in my brain on a regular basis, even I wonder about the stuff I come back with.

Back soon to the regularly scheduled programming peeps. I'm on much safer ground with ninjas and robots for a start.