like you're almost there!

Don't be fooled by the meme above there's actual content in this blog update tonight, not much of it but enough to be sure. Still putting together that oft-mentioned but never seen list of my favourite games. It's taking shape, materialising out of the formless ether of memory.

Think I've almost got the list locked down but the odd one still slips through into my recollection every so often. It's an eccentric list looking at it, you've got some of the usual titles that get included in every list like this but also a few ones that rarely get a look in. I feel reasonably confident that its a good cross section of the games I'm stupidly fond of.

Elsewhere, with great fear and just the slightest hint of existential dread I loaded up the single player of campaign of Battlefield 4 again last night for what I realise is now the third playthrough. Sadface. Will my save game randomly disappear again and render all my effort wasted? Maybe that's the real game being played here?

It's the game of life but it's so real it's like you're almost there! Because you are, mostly. Why yes it could be a super bleak commentary on life itself otherwise disguised as an uninspired by-the-numbers self-conscious 'blockbuster' videogame? A game where all your effort and patience is wasted in a meaningless, pointless cycle of repetition? A commentary on gaming when its at its very worst?

Or maybe I'm giving them far too much credit. Yeah it's probably that. We've had working save game technology for some time now in games. How's it got to the point where we're turning the clock back on that I'm not so sure but its happening. Maybe its fixed, maybe EA are not playing roulette with my patience anymore? Maybe I won't have to revisit the same bland, uninspired story once more in the hope that it will get better by the end? Maybe there's far too many maybe's in this paragraph? Maybe?